Nov. 16th, 2010 07:44 am
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Well, now Wells Fargo has changed its tune and said that the money they were just holding for a stupidly long time isn't going to hit my account at all, and furthermore that they're charging me $12 for being yanked around.


Fucking Wells Fargo. There has to be a way to just do everything through ING Direct.


Nov. 15th, 2010 08:52 am
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So on occasion, when you deposit a check at Wells Fargo on some reasonable day like a Wednesday, the deposited amount will show up in your account on Thursday or Friday, stay there over the weekend, and then abruptly disappear on Monday for no reason you can discern from their online interface, and when you call up their 24-hour information line, an automated voice will inform you that it's being "held for verification" and will be available eight days later.


Fail, Wells Fargo. Hard fail.

At least I vaguely suspected something like this might happen and didn't touch the money just in case, but really, when you find yourself building the expectation that your bank is going to jerk you around into your routine...

[ETA] To be fair, I wouldn't blame them for holding it for verification, as this is a check I redeposited because it bounced the first time. It's the letting it hit my account for half a week and THEN pulling the funds that pisses me off.
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Anyone who thinks that farming humans for meat would be a viable food source in a post-apocalyptic world fails agriculture and economics forever.
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Below is an answer to your support question regarding "Inline CSS in journal comments using the style="" attribute"


Thank you for your report. The HTML permitted in comments was recently changed to prevent automated spam accounts from exploiting these HTML tags. If you would like to start a discussion about the tags permitted in comments, you are welcome to do so by submitting a suggestion to the official Suggestions community. The procedure for submitting a suggestion is described here: [].

So, apparently I'll be arguing the literary merits of RP and hyperfiction when I have enough brain to form a post about it.

ETA: I've written out a post and submitted it to the Suggestions box. I'll let people know if/when it gets through the moderation queue.
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LiveJournal, for reasons known only to them, has begun stripping out any inline styles written into a tag using the style="" attribute.

This one really has me frothing at the mouth, partly because the RP I'm in (and have been for the better part of three years has always been a place to explore a lot of different modes of storytelling, and those modes extend to things like hiding easter eggs (links and whitetext) in the tags, playing with formatting to represent the mental state of characters, coding certain types of psychic activity to certain colors... even things as simple as letting a character scribble out what they've written. Basically, we've enjoyed playing with hypertext as a medium. The internet makes something that's only beginning to show its head in traditional literature (see, for example: House of Leaves) accessible, and it's been a great deal of fun channelling our assembled creativity into this.

Now, that's rendered impossible. Worse, the work we've already done has also been stripped of its styling. In some cases, the tags have degraded gracefully. In others, they've been rendered almost unreadable.

I've set up a side-by-side comparison of the styled and unstyled tags here:, and I've started a support ticket here: as well as brought it up on a news post here: .

I hope that this is a bug; or, if it was a deliberate choice on the part of the developers, that they can be persuaded to reverse it. For a service which advertises itself as a place to express yourself, this is a very disheartening occurrence.


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